Rockford Chiropractor - Backpack Safety Tips

  1. Make sure the backpack is the right size for the right student. There are special sized backpacks for children ages 5-10 that are not as large as ones for older children. These packs are lighter and smaller as not to slip around on their backs as much as a larger bag would.

  2. Looks are not the most important factor in a backpack. The backpack should have well-padded shoulder straps as to avoid nerve impingement in the armpit.  Backpacks with waist straps are great because the aid is stabilizing the load.

  3. The weight in a backpack should not exceed 15% of the child owns weight. For example an 80-pound child should not carry more than 12 pounds in a bag.  Overload packs cause the child to lean forward and negatively affect their spine.

  4. Pack only what is necessary, extra items means extra weight. Extra items like video games, toys, sporting goods like roller blades, and pokemn goods might be fun but start to weigh a lot when all added up. Odd shape items will also change the balance of the load cause the body to shift into unnatural postures to compensate.

  5. Always use both shoulder straps. Have them snug but not too tight. Carrying the backpack on only one shoulder leads to long term neck, shoulder, back, and postural problems.  

  6. Try to use the waist strap if you have one. It will keep the load where it should be.  It will also help distribute the weight properly.

  7. Easy steps everyone should follow when lifting a backpack.
  • Face the bag before you lift it.
  • Bend at the knees.
  • Using both hands, check the weight of the pack.
  • Lift with your legs, not your back.
  •  Carefully put one shoulder strap on at a time. Never sling the pack onto one shoulder.

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